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Project in Angola

Mobile room solutions from ELA reveal their strength particularly well in regions with a weak infrastructure. For the construction of a new logistics site in the Angolan province of Cuanza Sul, ELA shipped 188 of its mobile rooms to the west coast of Africa. The entire room system was planned at the main site in Haren, set up and put into operation as a test. The containers are equipped with an air conditioning and heating system, a ventilation system, a fire detection system with central overview in the reception building and an extinguishing system with winches and hoses. By request of the customer, the containers are fully furnished and include an escape route plan with emergency power system. The technical units such as air conditioning and heating are housed in a separate engineering container. Following approval the containers were brought to the overseas port in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. Loading the modules took one day and one night. Then they were transported by ship to the installation location of Porto Amboim, where the container complex with offices, conference rooms, sanitary facilities, change rooms, a large cafeteria with canteen kitchen, cold rooms and storage rooms and a reception building was set up by a trained ELA team.


Year of construction


Number of containers used



approx. 2,800 m²

Room solutions

Offices, conference rooms, sanitary facilities, change rooms, canteen kitchen, cold rooms/storage rooms, dining rooms, reception building