Furniture and accessories

ELA Container - Mobiliar und Zubehör
Container accessories and furniture
Rent fully equipped containers
Quick to set up in any application
Acoustic panels or whiteboards available
Complete interior furnishings
Communication packages with Internet and phone
Stairs, platforms and workbenches available at any time
Finger trap protection for doors

With the wide selection of container accessories and furniture, ELA containers can be used quickly and universally. Depending on the application and customer specifications, ELA can supply container systems fully equipped as schools, offices, nurseries, canteens, sleeping accommodation, changing rooms or lounges – to rent or buy. For example, the comprehensive range of container accessories includes complete interior furnishings, communication packages with phones and Internet, stairs, platforms or workbenches. And ELA’s range of container accessories always has the little things in stock too such as finger trap protection for doors, acoustic panels and whiteboards.

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