Temporary wine store for Weinhaus Hülsmann

In addition to the showroom, the ELA retail system also offers space for offices and lounges.


Responsible ELA location

Haren (Ems)

Type and number of containers

16 ELA premium containers

across two storeys

Usable space

280 m²


Wine shop

Colour / floor

Outer walls: Pebble grey, RAL 7032

Inner walls and ceiling: white

Floor: wood-effect vinyl

Extra equipment

Internal stairwell, floor-to-ceiling windows, smoke alarms, LED lighting, ELA concrete foundations, split air-conditioning and heating units | Provided by customer: interior design / shelves

Purchased or leased


Duration of use

15 months


In line with the motto “Enjoyment of wine – enjoyment of life”, Das Weinhaus Hülsmann in Meppen is well known for its large selection of wines, sparkling wines and spirits from all over the world, which is rounded off with a range of select delicacies, chocolates, truffles and tobacco products. To better showcase products in the future, owners Martin and Joshua Hülsmann decided to tear down the old building and build a new one. Throughout construction, which should take around 18 months, Das Weinhaus Hülsmann will continue to advise its customers with an ELA Container showroom solution.

The ELA showroom offers a suitable ambience for the exclusive selection.

“It’s important to our customer to present their high-quality range in a suitable ambience even during renovation,” says ELA Area Sales Manager Ralf Neelen. “Our many years of experience in designing showrooms was a great source of help.”

The two floors of the ELA room system are connected by an interior staircase.
The use of ELA premium containers creates a spacious feeling.

In this case, the perfect solution is a two-storey ELA retail and office system. A total of 16 extra-wide ELA premium containers provide a usable space of 280 m². With the impressive showroom located on the ground floor, the upper floor offers space for offices, a lounge with kitchen, and a sanitary facility. The decorative wood floor, an elegant interior design and floor-to-ceiling windows create a high-quality ambience. Double glazing and split air-conditioning and heating units keep temperatures nice and cosy, whilst smoke alarms ensure fire safety.

It’s pretty amazing what you can do with mobile room containers.
Martin Hülsmann
owner of Weinhaus Hülsmann

ELA Container presented and delivered the ideal temporary room solution.

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