background Proximity to the customer

A global presence: ELA Container wants to be close to its customers for that personal touch.




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background Container protection

Well covered: For a small fee, customers can insure their rented containers and rented accessories.



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background ELA framework agreement

Fast service: With the ELA framework agreement, customers without their own containers have ELA rented containers ready on call to meet their individual needs at short notice.

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background Transport and assembly

Secure assembly: As they have been pre-assembled extensively in the factory, ELA’s specially trained team can build up to 30 containers in one day.


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background Termination

Simple and professional: At the end of the rental, ELA inspects the rented containers and arranges a post-termination collection date with the customer.

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background Fast delivery

50,000 containers at 18 sites: Thanks to ELA Container’s distribution network, temporary room solutions are available at short notice anywhere in the world.


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background Consulting and planning

Good advice from the outset: The ELA team helps customers through all stages of planning.




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background Technical hotline

Call us if you have a question: The ELA team on the technical hotline can answer any question about installing and setting up ELA containers quickly and expertly.



Specialist consultant on site