XXL day care centre made from ELA containers

The day care center system comprises 40 extra-wide ELA premium containers with 700 m² of space.


Responsible ELA location

Haren (Ems)

Type and number of containers

40 ELA premium containers

Usable space

700 m²


Day care center

Colour / floor

Outer walls: Pebble grey, RAL 7032

Inner walls and ceiling: white

Floor: grey

Extra equipment

Fire alarms, fire-retardant walls, emergency exit lights, wide doors, plug sockets with child safety covers, finger trap protection, heating with low-temperature radiators with scald protection, accessible WC, hot water supply with scald protection, and toilets and sinks installed at a suitable height for children

Purchased or leased


Duration of use

22 months


The Lebenshilfe Lüneburg-Harburg day care center is moving into a rented ELA Container system for around 22 months. The previous nursery in the Lüneburg city centre is being torn down to build a new structure on the same site. Until it’s finished, the children will be playing and learning in the friendly, safe and compliant ELA room solution.

There is plenty of room to play in the inner courtyard.

Comprising 40 ELA premium containers, each three metres in width, the temporary day care center offers usable space of 700 m². The children and employees have access to nursery rooms, group rooms, recreational rooms, a multipurpose room, a kitchen, offices, sanitary facilities, storage rooms and a wardrobe.

Bright and spacious rooms for the daycare groups are complemented by a sanitary area, offices, lounges and a kitchen.
For a temporary structure of this size, this system offers a brilliant solution.
Ruth Andrick
Head of the Day Care Center Department Lebenshilfe Lüneburg-Harburg

Safety comes first especially in nurseries. The technical equipment includes smoke and fire alarms, a fire-retardant finish on the walls and emergency exit lights. Plug sockets with child safety covers, one-metre-wide escape doors, finger trap protection on all the doors and heating with child-safe low-temperature radiators with scald protection are just some of the features specially tailored to the little ones’ needs. The sinks and taps in the sanitary facility are installed at a lower height for children, and the hot water supply features scald protection. The equipment also includes an accessible WC. The exterior doors feature handles installed at a higher position and can only be opened using an additional button.

The connecting doors between rooms and corridors are equipped with finger trap protection.
Tidiness is a must - even in a daycare center. The right furniture ensures that everything has its place.

“We were looking for a partner that has experience with nurseries,” says Ruth Andrick, Head of the Day Care Center Department at Lebenshilfe Lüneburg- Harburg. That’s how they found out about ELA Container.

Do you need more space? Then you can request a container now or get advice from your specialist consultant in your region! 

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