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Tim Albers
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ELA Container specialises in container-based rooms and buildings to rent or buy in any chosen size and with custom fittings. With 40,000 containers, 1,000 employees and 18 sites around the world, ELA Container has become a leading provider of quality, flexible room modules in Germany. Today, ELA Container is a partner to a wide range of industries, ranging from the construction industry to retail and gastronomy. With its quality, innovation and passion, ELA Container is continually opening up new markets and industries and is winning more and more people round to the effectiveness of mobile ELA room containers.

A second-generation family company


The idea for ELA’s sophisticated room containers first came into being in 1972 when Bernhard Albers and his wife Elisabeth Albers founded the company ELA-Gesellschaft für Handel und Vermittlung GmbH & Co. KG. The couple was quick to identify the growing demand for flexible rooms and developed mobile container-based room solutions that could be tailored to meet individual specifications. As the second generation of the family, the siblings Tim Albers, Liesel Albers-Bentlage and Günter Albers took over the management of ELA Container GmbH in the 1980s. The trio has kept the company moving onwards and upwards ever since with personality, technical expertise and a distinct intuition for economic developments.

Tim Albers
Tim Albers
Managing partner
Liesel Albers-Bentlage
Liesel Albers-Bentlage
Managing partner
Günter Albers
Günter Albers
Managing partner

On course for success

Ever since the company was established, all of ELA Container’s business operations have been based in the town of Haren in the German state of Lower Saxony. Over the years, ELA Container has steadily grown its distribution network from the district of Emsland. Besides its headquarters in Haren, ELA Container maintains other sites in Groß Ippener near Bremen, Frankenberg in the state of Saxony, Billigheim in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Moosburg near Munich. Not to mention subsidiaries abroad such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania and Russia.

Shipping containers for building sites

In 1972, the idea first came to the company founder Bernhard Albers and his wife to recycle disused shipping containers on land for use as storage or equipment rooms on building sites. After removing rust and straightening them out, Albers treated his shipping containers with a steel protection primer – and the first ELA container was born.

ELA Container - Seecontainer für Baustellen

Excitement in the construction industry

ELA’s building site containers did a roaring trade. Wooden crates and construction trailers on building sites were quickly replaced by the robust, securely lockable ELA storage containers. The builders were impressed: Their materials were finally safe from burglars and thieves.

ELA Container - Baugewerbe zeigt sich begeistert

The first ELA rental centre in Haren

For ELA containers, business was booming: In order to keep up with demand, Bernhard Albers purchased a plot of land in Mühlenberg industrial estate in 1977 and built an office as well as a 600 m2 hall on it. He then purchased the company’s first lorries for its fleet.

ELA Container - Das erste Mietcenter

From a storage container to a recreational one

ELA Container saw even more potential in building sites as rooms were also needed to house the builders. Bernhard Albers therefore developed the first ELA recreational container with insulated walls, flooring, electrical installation, heating and a small window.

ELA Container - Vom Magazin zum Aufenthaltscontainer

The first special containers

With robust steel frame constructions and walls made of pressed hard wooden panels, ELA created its first office, crew and sanitary containers. It even manufactured its first special containers for fairground rides, snack bar containers and gatekeeper buildings.

ELA Container - Erster Spezialcontainer

Renting containers instead of buying

By the late 1970s, ELA containers were being manufactured to individual customer specifications and sold. But demand for rented containers was growing. Business was going so well that Albers decided to develop ‘high-performance containers’ instead of the shipping containers. This product development has since become the basis of all ELA room containers.

ELA Container - Container mieten statt kaufen

The second generation takes over

The time had come for a new expansion strategy when the second generation joined the family business. With expertise, courage and a steady focus on the customer, the Albers siblings managed to transform the small crafts enterprise into a high-flying industrial operation with a strong focus on service.

ELA Container - Die zweite Generation übernimmt

On track for growth

The later history of the company is dominated by expansions, new sites, innovative product developments, new accessories and more and more new applications for ELA’s high-performance room containers. Today, ELA containers can be found in almost every industry. And ELA is well prepared for the future with quality, service and expertise.

ELA Container - Voll auf Wachstumskurs
Specialist consultant on site