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Blue Giant

For the “Blue Giant” project, ELA Container constructed two container modules with three storeys each in the Papenburger Hafen port over a construction period of four months, providing comfortable and flexible accommodations on the Blue Giant ocean-going vessel. Living space in the form of crew cabins for about 197 fitters was created in this project, with each module designed for 98 to 99 persons. Not only sleeping quarters were provided for the workers, but also dining rooms, common rooms, sleeping cabins, showers and toilets. Fireproof staircases, electronic monitoring systems and evacuation plans ensure safety on board. The automatic climate control system, beds, chairs, tables and lockers are from our line of furnishings. A special coating protects the structure against seawater, making it suitable for the high seas. The two container systems were loaded onto a pontoon with a length of 55 metres using a sledge and made their first journey to the Lloyd shipyard in Bremerhaven. There they were anchored on the ship and later served as crew accommodation for deployment in the gulf of Mexico.


Year of construction


Number of containers used



1,440 m²

Room solutions

Dining rooms, common rooms, living rooms/sleeping quarters, sanitary facilities