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An extensive range of services and a clear commitment to absolute customer orientation are key elements for the success of ELA Container: Customer satisfaction comes first. With speed, flexibility and service quality, ELA has established itself as the European expert for mobile room solutions in container form. We are always seeking and realising potential for further improvements. Our high standards are confirmed by international reference projects.

Hotel project in the Netherlands

For a large construction site in the Netherlands, ELA constructed a temporary accommodation complex for skilled workers from around the world. Eemshaven, the northernmost deep water port in the Netherlands, was expanded into an energy supply site for the entire Netherlands in 2011.

Mobile home

“Create Your Mobile Home (CYMH)” is the ELA prototype for mobile living of the highest quality. The designer house with thermal insulation is fully equipped with insulated windows, electrical installation and heating.

Blue Giant

For the “Blue Giant” project, ELA Container constructed two container modules with three storeys each in the Papenburger Hafen port over a construction period of four months, providing comfortable and flexible accommodations on the Blue Giant ocean-going vessel.

Project in Angola

Mobile room solutions from ELA reveal their strength particularly well in regions with a weak infrastructure. For the construction of a new logistics site in the Angolan province of Cuanza Sul, ELA shipped 188 of its mobile rooms to the west coast of Africa.

School project in the Netherlands

The benefits of ELA container systems really come to bear in situations were a fast response is required. In October of 2010, the Gravenburg School in Groningen (the Netherlands) was partly destroyed by a major, devastating fire.