ELA Container - Container als Speiseraum einer Kantine
Modern dining areas

Container solution for restaurants and canteens

ELA Container - Container inklusive Verkaufstresen
Containers for canteens

Eating together in ELA container rooms

Providing employees with a room to take a break and eat lunch is simple: ELA containers can be combined to form large canteens quickly and with flexibility. Everyone here can find a comfortable seat to enjoy their food.

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ELA Container - Mobiler Thekencontainer
Container for bars

Attractive bar areas in room modules

Every bar, restaurant and snack bar needs to have a counter. Naturally, ELA Container provides for a bar area in its mobile room solutions for gastronomy. Whether rustic or exquisite, ELA containers which are available to rent or buy match the style of the bar or restaurant perfectly.

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ELA Container - Großzügiger Empfangsraum aus Containern
Mobile lounges

Exclusive container-based rooms

Waiting becomes a pleasure in a lounge made from ELA containers. Whether cosy, modern or exquisite, room containers from ELA can be adjusted to a preferred style and create diversity within a room, from a coffee bar to a sofa corner.

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ELA Container - Kochen in mobilen Container-Küchen
Container-based lounges

Cook together in a room solution from ELA

It’s more fun to cook together: Available to rent and buy, lounges made from ELA containers are especially good for temporary accommodation, hostels and the social areas within a company. On request, ELA Container can even supply a kitchen with seating.

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