First-aid containers

Rent mobile first-aid container equipped with basic first-aid equipment.
3 m variant
18 m²
L × W × H
6,055 × 3,000 × 2,890 mm
Ceiling height
2.5000 mm
Pebble grey, RAL 7032
Golden yellow, RAL 1004
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    20 foot premium first aid container

    18 m²
    L × W × H
    6.055 × 3.000 × 2.890 mm
    Ceiling height
    2.500 mm
    1 multipurpose exterior door, 875 mm × 2,000 mm, secure cylinder lock with three keys
    Coat hook rail
    1 tilt-and-turn window, approx. 2,000 mm × 1,200 mm, with double glazing, aluminium roller shutter, anti-lifting device
    Electrical installation compliant with DIN VDE 0100, 400 / 230 V, 50 Hz
    Electrical input and output, CEE 400 V/32 A
    2 LED lights, 40 W
    Type F sockets and light switches
    2 empty junction boxes in the frame corners
    Electric convector heater, 2 kW, with thermostat
    1 sink
    4 mounted safes
    Bandaging materials, stretcher, emergency and medical care equipment
    Stretcher stand
    Swivel chair for examinations
    Vacuum mattress with 6 handles
    Instrument table
    Drip stand
    Pedal bin
    Swivel stool
    Connected load: 2.1 kW
    Pebble grey, RAL 7032
    Golden yellow, RAL 1004
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    ELA Container - Shutters
    Bright and friendly

    Windows and roller shutters

    Large tilt-and-turn windows let daylight shine into ELA container rooms. But too much sunlight can also become a problem. That is why ELA containers feature windows with built-in roller shutters for reliable privacy and protection from the sun.

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    ELA Container - Examination couch

    Examination table

    The examination table provides optimal comfort for the patient and first-aider alike with an adjustable headrest and foam padding. The rented first-aid container from ELA is also fitted with other medical equipment.

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    ELA Container - First aid container

    Privacy windows

    Rent an ELA first-aid container and protect the privacy of patients and first-aiders: The large windows of the 2.5-metre wide quality all-rounder or the 3-metre wide premium container are fitted with an opaque privacy film.

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    First-aid kit
    Primary Care

    First-aid kit

    Two large first aid-kits according to DIN 13169 are part of the basic equipment. The set contains all the medical aids needed to react quickly in an emergency and provide first aid treatment for injuries.

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    The treatment room of the first-aid container is separated by an additional small corridor with a separate door. This provides additional discretion and protection from unwanted views during medical emergencies.

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    ELA Container - First-aid containers
    ELA first-aid container, 2.5 m
    Ceiling height: 2,500 mm
    B: 2.435 mm
    H: 2.890 mm
    LRH: 2.500 mm
    ELA first-aid container, 3.0 m
    Ceiling height: 2,500 mm
    B: 3.000 mm
    H: 2.890 mm
    LRH: 2.500 mm
    ELA Container - Frame
    Self-supporting steel structure
    Up to four containers can be stacked
    Covered feed-in
    Ceiling height 2.5 m or 2.75 m
    Fire protection: R30 as standard in accordance with DIN EN 13501 (ceiling height 2.5 m), R60 with modifications (based on expert appraisal)
    ELA Container - Floor
    ELA Container - Sanitary floor
    ELA Container - Light Grey
    ELA Container - Needle felt
    Insulation against heat and cold
    Slip resistant in accordance with DIN 51130
    Fire protection: False ceiling REI 30 as standard, R60 with modifications
    R11 flooring in bathroom areas, dark grey
    R9 PVC, suitable for office chairs, light grey
    Carpeting/needle felt, anthracite
    ELA Container - Roof
    ELA Container - Roof
    Rainwater drain with built-in leaf guard
    Hard roofing in accordance with Section 23 of the German Building Code (MBO) and DIN EN 13501-5
    Non-insulated roof system
    Fire protection: REI 30 as standard (based on expert appraisal)
    Specialist consultant on site