ELA Container - Verkauf in großzügigen Containerräumen
Rent ELA commercial containers

The perfect room solution for retail

ELA Container - Helle und offene Verkaufsräume mit hoher Mobilität
Museum shop in containers

Mobile shop floor for souvenirs

Visitors reaching the end of exhibitions and museums will usually encounter a souvenir shop. If space is scarce, simply switch to ELA’s mobile commercial containers. A container-based souvenir shop can be delivered in no time.

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ELA Container - Attraktive Raumlösung für die Gastronomie
Room solutions for the gastronomy sector

Pizzeria and snack bar in a container

ELA Container has the full package for snack bars and diners: A dining area, counter, storage area and sanitary areas can all be part of a mobile ELA container system for the gastronomy sector – available to rent or buy.

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ELA Container - Versorgungszentrum in mobiler Containeranlage
Commercial containers for pharmacies

Always stocked up with ELA room solutions

Lots of people rely on pharmacies: ELA commercial containers for pharmacies guarantee a steady supply of pharmaceuticals and medical products during conversion or modernisation work. They are flexible, modern and customisable.

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ELA Container - Mobiler Verkausraum am Strand
Container-based surf shop

Commercial areas right at the seaside

Whether at a lake or on the coast, a surf shop made from ELA containers can open anywhere. Not only can the robust, weather-proof container system for surf shops be used on the North Sea, it is just as ideal for seasonal businesses as a long-term room solution.

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ELA Container - Großzügiger Verkaufstresen in Container
Mobile bakeries

ELA commercial containers for bakeries

Being close to customers is exceptionally important to bakeries: With commercial areas made from ELA containers, bakeries can be extremely close to the consumer. Available to rent and buy, mobile ELA room containers can be installed almost anywhere.  

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ELA Container - Containeranlage als flexibler Verkaufsraum für Fahrzeuge
Container-based dealership

Vehicles in quality ELA containers

ELA containers are a secure and high-quality room solution for presenting cars and vehicles. The temporary container-based dealership boasts fully glazed walls, separate offices and an inviting reception area.

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ELA Container - Containerterasse mit Ausblick
Container with roof terrace

Room solution with sun deck

How to use an ELA rented container for two things at once: Universal space on the inside and an attractive terrace on the roof. It merely needs an additional staircase and a railing. The result is impressive once-in-a-lifetime views.

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ELA Container - Container verkleidet mit Holz
Custom container designs

From special paintwork to facing

Not everything has to be grey: Even though elegant pebble grey is the default colour of ELA containers, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Special paintwork in RAL colours are just as possible as film or cladding.

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