ELA office container used by the Ardagh Group in Rhineland-Palatinate instead of a new building

ELA Container - office container used by the Ardagh Group in Rhineland-Palatinate
ELA containers were combined to create the new offices in just a few days.


Type and number of containers

4 ELA premium containers
8 ELA quality all-rounders
2 ELA sanitary containers 
(combined to form one container system)

Floor space

222 m²


Offices, accommodation, changing rooms, storage areas and recreational areas  


Exterior walls (to customer specifications): grey white (RAL 9002) 

Inner walls and ceiling: white

Floor: PVC covering, marbled grey

Extra equipment

Two outer doors (1,000 × 2,000 mm) with cylinder lock and glass panels)

Specular louvre units  

Three presence detectors (movement sensors)

Heating (hot water convection heaters)

Flat panel radiators

Connection to the central heating system)

Air-conditioning system (split air-conditioning unit)



It’s nice to work in offices with spacious rooms, bright walls and modern equipment. And if the climate in the room is right too, the conditions are perfect for a successful day at work. ELA Container knows what criteria good work spaces need to meet and has perfected its ELA office containers with this in mind. Available to rent or buy, the mobile room modules meet the highest standards, have the flexibility to be combined, are delivered quickly and can be handed over ready for use in no time at all.

ELA Container - Meeting room ArdaghGroup
Conference table and communication equipment: ELA can supply the office containers with full equipment on request.

The Ardagh Group in Haßloch, Rhineland-Palatinate agrees. The administrative wing of the enterprise was demolished and was to be replaced by a new, modern, purpose-built building. Instead of a new building, the Ardagh Group opted for a long-term system-building solution: ‘We have good past experience with container rooms’, reports the company. The containers from ELA are absolutely on par with rooms in bricks-and-mortar buildings in terms of room climate, insulation and acoustics.

The comfortable office containers from ELA can even be used as office buildings on a long-term basis.
Sebastian Gruber
ELA Area Sales Manager

It was possible to connect the office containers to the company’s central heating system with the hot water convection heaters and flat panel radiators which were supplied with them. Pre-installed split air-conditioning units handle all further air conditioning. Overall, the ELA container system has 222 square metres of usable area subdivided into offices, sanitary areas, storage areas and business areas. The container system is supported by 40 mobile foundations.  

ELA Container - office container used by the Ardagh Group in Rhineland-Palatinate
ELA office containers boast impressive room quality
ELA Container -office container used by the Ardagh Group in Rhineland-Palatinate
A turnkey room solution: Work can start immediately.

The customer is satisfied: ‘ELA Container discussed our wishes in the planning phase and incorporated them into the final product perfectly.’ ELA Area Sales Manager Sebastian Gruber is also happy: ‘Excellent service is part of an excellent product.’

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