ELA Container keeps the fun going at indoor swimming pool

Temporary annex to a swimming pool
The temporary annex made from ELA containers keeps the business running open during renovations.

Aalst (Belgium)

Responsible ELA location

ELA Container Belgium BVBA, Temse

Type and number of containers

53 ELA premium containers

Floor space

900 m²


Temporary changing rooms, sanitary areas, front desk areas


Outer walls: Pebble grey, RAL 7032

Inner walls and ceiling: White

Floor: PVC, light grey

Extra equipment

Powerful special air-conditioning system with continuous forced ventilation, continuous flooring, LED-lighting. smoke alarms, continuous water supply, glass double door, accessible WCs, partition walls and cubicles provided by the customer

Purchased or leased


Duration of use

2 years


The swimming pool in the Belgian city of Aalst is a popular destination for families, schools and clubs alike. With this in mind, city administrators were unwilling to close the pool for urgent renovation work. Instead, they got in touch with the Belgian branch of room specialist ELA Container. 


“The customer wanted to add an annex consisting of temporary container rooms to the swimming pool in order to keep it open during the renovation”, explains Eddy Bogaerts, ELA Branch Manager in Belgium. “We welcomed this task with open arms and worked with the customer to develop a room design to meet the strict requirements of a swimming pool.”

With an area of almost 600 square metres, the changing area is part of the temporary ELA annex for the Belgian swimming pool.
The 600 square metres changing area is part of the ELA annex for the Belgian swimming pool.

Specifically, it was a matter of moving the changing rooms, sanitary facilities and front desk area into ELA´s room solutions. “No easy task, but we were able to overcome the challenges of ventilation, flooring and a hot water supply”, says Bogaerts. In lieu of traditional floor panels, ELA built a single continous floor out of several large components. “This way, there are no potentially dangerous edges to the floor in the barefoot area”, continues the branch manager. The temporary container system was quickly connected to the swimming pool´s hot water system for a constant supply of hot water to the showers.


“I think that a lot of families, schools and clubs are happy that they will be able to continue using the pool during this period”, says Bogaerts. “Only by working closely with the customer were we able to pull off this major project so successfully.”


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