Opticians' shop made from ELA containers

Modern opticians' salesrooms with vinyl flooring from ELA containers
Vinyl flooring in wood look and acoustic ceiling sails create a pleasant sales atmosphere in the ELA room solution.


Responsible ELA location

ELA Container GmbH, Headquarters, Haren (Ems)

Type and number of containers

3 ELA premium containers

Usable area

54 m²


Temporary spectacles studio


Outer walls: Pebble grey, RAL 7032

Inner walls and ceiling: White

Floor: Wood effect vinyl flooring

Extra equipment

Wide window bank, smoke alarms, interior LED lighting

Purchased or leased


Duration of use

12 months


When it comes to developing districts, many cities and municipalities opt for a fresh start and tear down buildings that are no longer contemporary. ‘Even though most business owners are very happy to have a new building, it is challenging to keep businesses up and running while the construction work is being carried out’, says ELA Sales Manager Kevin Hartmann. That is why ELA Container has developed temporary room solutions for retail and commerce, which can be set up and customised in no time.


A spectacles studio in Bielefeld-Senne recently moved into such an ELA room solution. This is because a new con-venience shopping centre is currently being built under the management of the planning firm halsdorfer + ingenieure. The pre-existing buildings are being demolished to make way for it. The planning firm contracted ELA Container to build a temporary spectacles studio. Site manager Ronny Werner from halsdorfer + ingenieure is happy: ‘ELA Container supplied an excellent retail outlet – quickly, punctually and well thought out. We are impressed’.

Exterior view of the optician's shop from ELA containers
During the construction phase, the Brillen Studio moved into a temporary space solution from ELA Container.

The spectacles shop comprises three extra-wide ELA premium modules with a width of three metres. The con- tainer system is split into a spacious show-room with no partition walls and an office and consulting area. The wood effect vinyl flooring and acoustic panels in the ceiling make for a pleasant ambience in which to sell spectacles.

For a pleasant sales atmosphere, we laid out the container facility with vinyl flooring in a wood look and installed additional acoustic ceiling sails.
Project manager Kevin Hartmann

A wide window front and energy-saving LED light panels on the ceiling reinforce the bright white interior design. "This way, the products and people are in the foreground", says the project manager.


Dirk Kleine-Flaßbeck, owner of the spectacles studio, is also full of praise: ‘We have the chance here to present our full range of services. Our custom-ers are impressed. We often hear that they did not imagine that a container solution could be so comfortable’.

Bright interior design of the ELA Container opticians' salesrooms
The bright interior design of the container rooms has an inviting effect and puts the products in the foreground.

The ELA container facility will support the sales and consulting activities of the eyewear studio for about a year. "After completion of the quarter, the optician will move into the new premises of the local shopping centre," Hartmann explains. "Our ELA system will then be disassembled completely without residue and prepared for a new project.


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