ELA supplies DB travel centre and construction office for Paderborn station

Deutsche Bahn's interim travel centre in Paderborn ensures customer service during the construction period


Responsible ELA location

ELA Container GmbH, Haren (Ems)

Type and number of containers

24 office, recreation and sanitary containers on two floors

Usable space

360 m²


Temporary station building, DB travel centre, construction office

Colour / floor

Exterior walls: RAL 7032 - pebble grey

Interior walls and ceiling: white

Floor: PVC, light grey

Extra equipment

LED lights, smoke alarms, lightning protection system, mobile ELA concrete foundations, changing table in the sanitary area, sales counter, special sanitary container with electric sliding door,

fresh air system for the Deutsche Bahn operating area and external unit on the site, acoustic elements, split air conditioning units.

Purchased or leased


Duration of use

24 months


Two floors, 24 ELA office containers and a total area of 360 square metres: with this mobile space solution, ELA is supporting the current major construction site at Paderborn's main railway station, which is now being demolished and completely rebuilt within three years. Paderborn's mayor Michael Dreier describes the joint project between the city of Paderborn, Deutsche Bahn AG and PB1 GmbH as a "project of the century" for his city.


Until the new station, including the adjoining hotel, is completed, the functions of the travel centre and the customer area of Deutsche Bahn will be located on the ground floor of the ELA facility, while the upper floor will provide office and recreation rooms for the site management of the construction company Bremer AG. The lease term is expected to be two years.

Office, conference and recreation rooms for the employees of the construction companies are located on the upper floor.

Rail customers will find all previous services in the transition building, such as ticket machines, advice from railway service staff and the usual shopping facilities at stations. In the sanitary area, special containers with electric sliding doors provide barrier-free access. A fresh air system with an external unit ensures a pleasant indoor climate in the customer area and in the sanitary facilities. Acoustic sails dampen the noise level in the highly frequented counter area.


For the companies involved in the construction, the ELA room system on the upper floor provides comfortable and modern office, lounge and conference rooms. "We are planning and monitoring the entire new building here," says project manager Thomas Behnisch from Bremer AG. "The station concourse, which opened in 1953, has been completely demolished so that the site can be prepared for the new building." Split air conditioning units for cooling and heating ensure a pleasant room temperature in the construction offices.

All the usual services are guaranteed in the customer area.

ELA Container also supplied all the turnkey furniture for this project - from tables and chairs, desks and swivel chairs to a complete kitchen and the railway sales counter. The sanitary facilities are equipped with toilets, urinals, washbasins and a nappy-changing table.


Safety is ensured by the professional installation of electrical components such as LED interior lighting, sockets and switches, as well as a lightning protection system and smoke alarms.


The delivery was carried out using ELA's own lorries with a loading crane. Experienced ELA assembly teams installed the system on ELA concrete foundations with the necessary height levelling.

Despite the many parties involved on the part of the city, railway and construction companies, the planning and implementation of this major project ran completely smoothly in our view.
Kevin Hartmann
ELA Area Sales Manager

"No two projects are the same". Nevertheless, the ELA team's experience from many different orders and customer requirements was once again very helpful in Paderborn.

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