Offices and data centre for communications service provider KiKxxl

Offices and data centre for communications service provider
The two-storey facility covers a total of 520 square metres.


Responsible ELA location

ELA Container GmbH, Headquarters, Haren (Ems)

Type and number of containers

24 ELA premium containers,6 ELA quality all-rounders

Usable area

520 m²


Offices and computing centre


Outer walls: Pebble grey, RAL 7032

Inner walls and ceiling: White

Floor: PVC, light grey

Extra equipment

External galvanised steel stairs with stairhead and railing, multipurpose external doors with glass panel, over-head closer and panic bar, sneak-by guard, interior LED lighting, smoke alarms

Purchased or leased


Duration of use

6 months


The communications service provider KiKxxl is growing steadily, and the time had come to add another site. It selected the city of Bottrop in Germany due to the lack of competitors and excellent recruitment opportunities there. KiKxxl started out with a mobile room solution from ELA Container so it could quickly get up and running there.


‘Our permanent office buildings in the new Bauknecht district will not be ready to move into until spring 2022. In order to get online significantly earlier, we came up with a creative transitional solution and decided to set up office containers from ELA’, says Ralf Timmer, Head of Building Management at KiKxxl.

Workplaces in ELA containers.
Inbound and outbound services at teleworkplaces are part of KiKxxl's core competence.

ELA completed the project in no time. ‘Even the assembly of the office con tainer system went very smoothly thanks to the professional team from ELA’, says Timmer. The feedback from the people who work there has been thoroughly positive.


‘With this temporary room solution, we were able to align the wishes of our customer with our experience and what was technically possible’, says ELA Area Sales Manager Simon Harenkamp.

Kitchens in the social rooms are also part of the equipment of the turnkey room solution.
Kitchens in the social rooms are also part of the equipment of the turnkey room solution.
Training room from ELA containers
Generous window areas provide plenty of daylight and a pleasant atmosphere - as here in a training room.

The two-storey ELA office system has 520 square metres of space in total. It features several open-plan and individual offices, training rooms, a technical and storage room, sanitary facilities and kitchens. The storeys are connected by an internal stairwell, while an external emergency staircase keeps the occu-pants safe in the event of an emergency.


The technical equipment includes air-conditioning units for cooling and heating, smoke detectors, generous window areas and LED ceiling lights for a bright interior as well as creep zone protection. Cable channels enable the workstations to be networked and the necessary data centre to be set up. "This was configured so that it can be taken to the final location," says Timmer.



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