ELA Container erects four-storey system for Trigema a.s.

Four-storey ELA Container system for a construction site in Prague
Due to the cramped conditions on the construction site in Prague, the decision was made in favour of a four-storey facil

Prague, Czech Republic

Responsible ELA location

ELA Container GmbH, Headquarters, Haren (Ems)

Type and number of containers

36 ELA quality all-rounder

Usable area

540 m²


Site management facility, four storeys


Exterior walls: Pebble grey, RAL 7032
Interior walls and ceiling: White
Floor: PVC, light grey

Special equipment

LED interior lighting, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, air conditioners, window screens, fly screens, whiteboards, microwave oven

Purchased or leased


Duration of use

26 months


FRAGMENT is the name of a new resi-dential complex with around 140 units that will be built in a modern neigh-bourhood in Prague by spring 2022. The planner and developer trigema a.s. is basing its site management office on a temporary room solution from ELA Container.


‘We beat four competitors in the bidding process for this mobile system’, says Jiri Mleziva, ELA Head of Business Development Czech Republic. The customer was very insistent on stack-able containers so it would be able to build upwards. ‘This is because space was very limited on the building site, as is so often the case’.

The spacious container rooms enable cooperation even in times of pandemic
Especially in times of pandemics, spacious rooms are a plus in terms of safety.

Ultimately, a four-storey system of 36 room modules with a grand total of 540 square metres of space was built in Prague. It features offices, common rooms, changing rooms, meeting rooms, kitchens and sanitary facilities. The overall design of the ELA system even includes a site distribution board. Air conditioners, conference equip-ment and a bright, friendly interior combine with quality desks and swivel chairs to create the perfect working environment.

ELA recreation container with flexible room layout
The layout of the rooms can be designed very flexibly.
ELA changing room container with lockers
Lockers in the changing rooms ensure order and safety.

‘In building our FRAGMENT project, we saw an excellent opportunity to make use of the industry experience and broad market position of ELA Container. There were no nasty surprises during the preparation and implementation phases’, says Michal Netolický, Head of Marketing at trigema.


‘We are particularly proud that the customer was very satisfied with our performance and has just awarded another contract for a 650 square-metre site management facility in Prague’, says Jiri Mleziva.


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