District court of Oldenburg orders ELA courtrooms

Courtrooms from ELA containers
The ELA courtrooms supported proceedings at the District Court of Oldenburg during the coronavirus pandemic.

Oldenburg, Germany

Responsible ELA location

ELA Container GmbH, Headquarters, Haren (Ems)

Type and number of containers

9 ELA premium containers

Floor space

162 m²


Courtrooms for the district court


Outer walls: Pebble grey, RAL 7032

Inner walls and ceiling: White

Floor: PVC, light grey

Extra equipment

Special exterior doors, smoke alarms, LED lighting, furniture and amenities provided by the customer

Purchased or leased


Duration of use

6 months


The coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every part of life, including the judiciary. “Due to social distancing, the number of courtrooms fell from six to three. This was not enough to conduct proceedings reliably and on schedule”, explains Torben Tölle, a judge at the District Court of Oldenburg.


However, the problem was quickly solved thanks to the room specialist ELA Container from Haren. “With our ELA premium containers, we were able to supply three new courtrooms with a total usable area of 162 square metres”, explains ELA Area Sales Manager Ralf Neelen. “Enough space to socially distance and keep everyone involved in the proceedings safe.”

Three premium containers were combined to one courtroom.
Three ELA premium containers were combined to form each additional courtroom.

ELA supplied the rooms fully fitted with special exterior doors, electrical installation, smoke alarms, roller shutters and interior LED lighting. The customer also opted to have the containers painted pebble grey on the outside. This way, the new courtroom matches the backdrop of the court buildings nicely. 


“It was ideal to position the containers in the inner courtyard of the former prison to keep things running smoothly at the District Court”, says Neelen. “We used our trucks with loading cranes to lift the mobile rooms quickly over the five-metre-high wall. The modules were then brought to the designated point by forklifts.”

ELA supplied the room modules fully fitted with electrical equipment, lighting, roller shutters and smoke alarms.
ELA supplied the room modules fully fitted with electrical equipment, lighting, roller shutters and smoke alarms.

The customer is satisfied: “Everything ran smoothly between all of the authorities and ELA Container”, says Judge Tölle. “The project manager Ralf Neelen was always on hand to offer advice and assistance.”


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