Opening of the new ELA location in Frankenberg

View of the 63,000 m² new company premises in the industrial area of Frankenberg-Dittersbach.
Press contact

Michael Schmidt

Exactly one year after the groundbreaking ceremony, which took place on April 27, 2022 and marked the start of construction work, the move from our previous premises to the industrial area on the A4 freeway was sealed yesterday together with the town of Frankenberg and the trades involved. In the meantime, the move from the old location, Zum Hammerberg 1, has been completed and production has started in Frankenberg-Dittersbach. Günter Albers, Liesel Albers-Bentlage and Erik Geidelt welcomed the guests and invited them to a tour of the new premises.

Liesel Albers-Bentlage, Andreas Schramm (Deputy Mayor of Frankenberg) and Günter Albers.

The restructuring of the site was agreed with the town of Frankenberg and takes into account both economic and social aspects: Thanks to planned expansion opportunities, ELA remains viable in Frankenberg and gains logistical advantages thanks to the direct highway connection. In addition to ELA, the population also benefits from this, as many transports previously led through the Frankenberg town center.


The 63,000m² new plant site offers expanded capacity for container production and will strengthen our core business at the Frankenberg/Saxony site in the long term. A new rental center including a rental park, a three-story administration building and a 3,200 m² production hall have already been built. In the course of the expansion, many new jobs will be created, both in the industrial and in the commercial sector.

Numerous guests from the city administration, city and local councils as well as participating companies attended.

We are very excited about this important milestone and look forward to the future of ELA in Frankenberg.

Specialist consultant on site