Launch of the new video series "ELA Projects"

Press contact

Michael Schmidt

Now that our anniversary campaign is over, we are starting a new video series: ELA Projects.


With video project documentations, we provide an insight into the development of various projects that were realised with ELA containers. In short videos, our customers report on their individual space requirements and why they chose a space solution from ELA. Interesting background information from the responsible ELA project manager and impressive detail shots of the containers in use create a tangible impression of our projects.


In the past months, many projects have already been filmed - from the Startup Centre in Kitzbühel, to the nursery in Lüneburg and the office complex at Coreum. We will be publishing these and other videos on our YouTube channel in the coming weeks and months, which can also be viewed with English subtitles.


Here you can already watch the first video: Brillen Studio, Bielefeld - Smooth operation during a construction phase

From eye tests to consultations and sales, the 54 m² interim spectacle shop offered enough space to keep the optician running during the construction phase of a new shop. In the video, Area Sales Manager Kevin Hartmann shows, among other things, which furnishing details promote a friendly sales atmosphere. Optician Dirk Müller also reports positive feedback from his customers and that such a comfortable container solution surprised him at first. "A year ago I would have said: 'That's a no-go - I can't imagine it.' A year later, I would say - anytime again," says the optician at the end of the video.


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We would like to thank everyone involved in our new video series and look forward to many interesting stories and exciting projects!

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