High up with containers

Four-storey office complex for industrial customers
Building to height with ELA containers.
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Michael Schmidt


Sustainability is a strategic principle for the energy supplier MVV Umwelt in Mannheim. It produces electricity, heat and steam from waste, biomass and wind. The company required additional office and meeting rooms for its projects on a temporary basis. The problem here was that there was little space on the premises, but a high space requirement.

Containers as a sustainable solution
Containers from ELA offer a sustainable solution. They can be flexibly assembled, removed and used for new purposes. They also take up little floor space when stacked four-storeys high. ELA Container recently obtained the necessary static certificates for such a complex system. MVV Umwelt is thus one of the first industrial companies for which a 4-storey variant was realised.


ELA office containers equipped with the appropriate furniture.
ELA office containers equipped with the appropriate furniture.
Spacious meeting rooms in a bright atmosphere.
Spacious meeting rooms in a bright atmosphere.

Close cooperation with partner
Project manager and civil engineer Annette Jarosch underlines the close collaboration with ELA Container in the realisation of the project: "ELA Container actively supported MVV as early as the design planning stage, and was also a competent business partner for the delivery of the office containers after the order was placed. The office containers meet MVV Umwelt's working requirements and enable MVV colleagues to work with a lot of energy from the new office container facilities".

Comfortable equipment
The result is a complex with 360m² of office space on a floor area of 90m². This is made possible by 20 ELA premium containers, which were stacked on top of each other in four rows of 5. In addition to office and meeting rooms, the building also offers a kitchenette, WCs, and an interior staircase. Air conditioning units, acoustic ceiling panels and LED lighting create a pleasant working atmosphere. Data technology from ELA ensures optimal IT supply to the premises. In addition to the height, the system also impresses with window fronts on both sides, which ensure that the rooms are flooded with light.


Interior staircases create a real "house feeling".
Interior staircases create a real "house feeling".

More space for the industry sector
For Julian Schreiner, ELA Area Sales Manager, the project is something very special: "This project is very close to my heart. As one of the first four-storey installations, we did pioneering work together with the customer. Especially in the industry sector, there is often not enough space to create large container systems. By building at height, we can now fix this problem to a certain extent. I am therefore very pleased to see the finished result".

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