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Wed, 17 June 2020

Break rooms for airport staff

The work is particularly challenging and exhausting for the airport staff working on the aircraft at the apron parking positions. When working outdoors, you are not only exposed to the weather conditions, you also work alongside aircraft and many special vehicles that are constantly moving on the apron area. It is precisely these ramp service employees who defy wind and weather who deserve breaks and need a dry place to retreat to recover.

Tue, 09 June 2020

Feel-good room for children

Container as a quick interim solution for kindergarten

"We were very enthusiastic about how well we were supported by the ELA Container team in the planning and construction of our new interim day care centre. Bärbel Völker is relieved. As commercial manager of Terminal for Kids gGmbH, she builds and operates kindergartens in the greater Frankfurt area. A great challenge, because the metropolitan region is booming. And the local infrastructure does not always keep pace with the rapid population development.

Mon, 25 May 2020

Gym from containers

Originally the gym “Sportparc Aue” was housed in a building of the Nickelhütte Aue GmbH. "Nickelhütte Aue GmbH approached ELA because they had to renovate the building in which the Aue sports park is located," explains ELA Area Sales Manager Marco Poguntke. "They were looking for an alternative location for the gym during the renovation." The operation of the studio was to be maintained during the renovation work so that the numerous members could continue to train as usual.

Mon, 18 May 2020

Fast and comfortable office solution for industrial companies

Restructuring, new hires, renovation of the office building - the reasons for additional space requirements in industry are many and varied. At the company Röchling Precision Components GmbH in Weidenberg near Bayreuth, all three reasons came together.

Thu, 14 May 2020

Bistro made of containers

Nuremberg Zoo, with its extensive forest park, rugged red sandstone rock formations, centuries-old trees and idyllic floodplain and pond landscapes, is one of the most beautiful zoological gardens in Europe. But as fascinating as ibexes, lions, tigers and polar bears are in this impressive backdrop - the small appetite is sure to be whetted by the visitors. In this case, Matthias Stielfried runs the "Grüne Oase" (green oasis) restaurant in the zoo. Since the beginning of 2019, an ELA sales pavilion has served him for this purpose for his range of drinks, ice cream and pizza.