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Break rooms for airport staff

The work is particularly challenging and exhausting for the airport staff working on the aircraft at the apron parking positions. When working outdoors, you are not only exposed to the weather conditions, you also work alongside aircraft and many special vehicles that are constantly moving on the apron area. It is precisely these ramp service employees who defy wind and weather who deserve breaks and need a dry place to retreat to recover.

Often the way to the airport building is too far for a short break and takes too much time. For these airport employees, a practical solution had to be created directly on site - fast, uncomplicated and flexible. With its mobile space solutions, ELA Container was able to meet these requirements without any problems. For example, the members of the ramp service crews can meet their resting needs directly at the edge of the aircraft apron, where the aircraft vehicles are parked, in a container facility that is 68m˛ large.

For these breaks, in addition to a large lounge and break room, a number of office workplaces are also available in the fully air-conditioned facility consisting of four ELA quality all-rounders. A sun circulation roof provides additional sun protection for the containers.

For Mario Wimmer, Sales Manager of ELA Container Austria, it was a successful project: "The container system fits in very well on the airport grounds. I am always pleased when we can help people with our solutions".