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Four-storey container facility with plenty of space

Sometimes space is simply limited. Large cities have been solving this problem for more than 100 years by building at height. A measure that also has a great future for container construction. Because especially in conurbations, floor space is becoming increasingly valuable. But even on supposedly spacious company premises, space is often scarce. Every square metre needs to be optimally used for storage space, turning circles or the like.

Container tower for construction companies

This is also the case at UPM Nordland Papier in Dörpen (Emsland). The large paper manufacturer is rebuilding production at its site. A new paper mill is being built, including silos. A large project involving several companies. The Emsland company Mainka Bau from Lingen is leading the construction. In order to optimally coordinate the construction and to ensure short distances, the company decided to rent a system of ELA containers.

Tested statics for four floors

"The challenge in the Mainka inquiry was the very small floor space on which the container plant was to be placed on the premises of UPM Nordland Papier," explains ELA Area Sales Manager Ralf Neelen. "It was clear quite quickly that it was to be a four-storey plant". Due to the high standardization and the tested statics of our containers, we are able to stack our container systems four-storeyed. The advantages are obvious: despite the small footprint, there is no need to compromise on space.

A lot of space in a small area

Thus the system also impresses from the inside with its spaciousness. On a floor space of about 200 square metres, UPM has created a plant consisting of 35 ELA quality all-rounders with more than 520 square metres. Sufficient space for office, meeting and recreation rooms, as well as kitchen and toilets. External stairs and landings connect the rooms.

Satisfied customer

An ideal solution also for Mainka project manager Stephan Forstreuter: "The container plant fits in very well on the UPM premises. For us, this is a double benefit: On the one hand, we don't take up too much space for our customer and don't disturb the daily business. On the other hand, we have all the construction companies involved under one roof and can coordinate the construction very well."