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German container company ELA expands into the UK

Mobile room systems now also available in Great Britain

ELA Container has been building and developing mobile interim rooms for rent and sale for more than four decades. ELA Container is present across Europe with over 22,000 portable units wherever mobile container-built room solutions are needed. Since the end of last year, ELA is now represented in Great Britain by Country Manager David Rushton. A native Englishman, he would like to convince customers in Great Britain of the function and flexibility of mobile ELA rooms as well.

ELA containers are characterised by high robustness, a pleasant room climate, healthy materials and high-quality processing. The high product quality – made in Germany – is supplemented by a reliable all-round service from planning to implementation. Many different industries are relying on ELA containers by now. At construction sites, the rooms are used as changing rooms, workshops or store rooms. They often also serve as offices, day-care facilities, schools, exhibition rooms, doctors' practices or banks. ELA Container can deliver the rooms completely equipped with elec-trical wiring, EDP systems and furnishing at the customer's request.

The mobile ELA rooms are available to British customers right from Great Britain. ELA has already implemented its first project near the airport of Derby, where the project development company UK GSE is currently building a new logistics centre. The construction site's employees are housed in the mobile rooms by ELA in direct proximity to their workplaces. The delivery includes twenty ELA Premium modules with an extra width of three metres, as well as four high-quality all-round containers by ELA at the standard width of two and a half metres. The useful area of 420 square metres covers two floors connected by outer stairs and a platform. The facility contains offices, common rooms, changing rooms, sanitary areas and a first-aid room.

"We have been able to support GSE in a large project in Germany before," says David. "The customer values the quality of ELA's products and services and would like to use them in Great Britain as well."

Thanks to the comprehensive ELA furnishing pool, the rooms are completely equipped at handover: Chairs, tables, cabinets, benches and lockers are installed as well as a kitchen. A pleasant room climate is maintained by air conditioning systems that are space-savingly integrated into the exchange elements at the module fronts, as well as a healthy polyurethane hard foam insulation in the walls, ceilings and floors. The large panorama windows bring bright daylight into the rooms. A complete electrical installation with lighting, sockets and connected communication systems completes the equipment. Result: These conditions permit focused work in the ELA interim rooms as well as relaxed breaks in between.

Pat Brennan from GSE was satisfied. He is certain that the ELA rooms with their outstanding quality will become very popular in Great Britain: "There is nothing comparable on the market."