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New trademark for ELA Container

ELA Container presents itself in a new, uniform corporate design. The decision in favour of the new look is based on numerous reasons. Not only is the former brand image being adapted to modern times in order to appeal to new customer segments. The company’s continuous growth in particular is to be taken into account, thereby also setting the direction for the future. ELA has been writing its success story for more than 40 years. In the meantime, the family company as grown into an operation that is active across Europe as one of the leading suppliers in the rental and sale of mobile rooms. New products, markets and target groups were added in the course of time. The requirements for the corporate design have also changed accordingly. Today ELA Container needs brand communication that works across industries - from the construction sector to architecture to the end customer. High time in other words for a uniform image that communicates the strengths and sustainability of this traditional brand. The new ELA Container logo imparts a first impression of the future corporate design. Clear, concise and with high recognition value - the new trademark clearly identifies the products and services offered by ELA Container. Next January the company website is presenting itself with a new look as well. Then the entire brand image is gradually being adapted to the new corporate design - from the company brochure to the hard hat.