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EAL accommodation system for specialised clinic

The Bokholt specialised clinic in the Pinneberg district converted its adult section. This is why around 20 of the clinic’s clients moved to a mobile ELA accommodation system.

“We were looking for modern and practical interim rooms,” explains Daniel Bühler, Facility and Project Manager for Therapiehilfe gGmbH, Hamburg. “Thanks to a tip from our planner and architect, we found ELA Container.” A total of 28 ELA quality all-rounders will remain on the site of the specialised clinic until March of 2014. The systems with the exterior colour RAL 1004 golden yellow are mostly comprised of common rooms and sleeping quarters. Combining two ELA room modules results in a room size of 18 square metres each. Sanitary facilities, archives, offices, a doctor’s room and a charge office complete the clinic’s temporary adult section. Equipped with ceiling lamps, roller shutters and a complete electrical installation, the specialised clinic’s modular rooms are ready for use immediately. A ventilation system and integrated heating ensure a pleasant room climate in any weather. Large banks of windows make the rooms appear bright and friendly for employees and clients. The existing cable ducts made it easy to set up the clinic’s own IT system.

“The challenge with this project was the limited footprint for the room complex,” says Customer Service Representative Marcel Weßling from the Groß Ippener sales office. Nevertheless, facilities with a total of 500 square metres were created by arranging the modules in an L-shape. The solution for such a module combination lies in a special ELA room unit with integrated corridor. “We eliminate an additional corridor module, which results in cost savings for our customers,” Weßling explains. Like many other customers, the specialised clinic chose ELA module insurance against possible damage from lightning, fire or vandalism. “Compared to other insurers, the ELA insurance turns out to be more cost-effective with better protection,” says Bühler. The specialised clinic’s project manager was fully satisfied with the cooperation and completion of the order by ELA.

The ELA quality all-rounders are available in the size of 2.99 x 2.435 x 2.89 metres with usable space of 7.5 square metres or as 20-foot units in the size of 6.055 x 2.435 x 2.89 metres and usable space of 15 square metres. Virtually any combination of modules is possible to create large-capacity units or rooms with flexible layouts.