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“Moorsoldaten” travelling exhibition in Esterwegen

From 3 November to 1 December 2013, Stefan Hempen is stopping in Esterwegen with his travelling exhibition “Moorsoldaten”. The opening begins at 3:00 pm on the Rathausvorplatz and is accompanied by MusikAktionsEnsemble KLANK from Bremen.

The series of sculptures by Stefan Hempen is comprised of oversize wooden sculptures hewn from local logs, symbolising the suffering of political prisoners. Each of the 15 sculptures stands for one of the 15 former camps in Emsland. The artist is presenting his works in the region on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Moorsoldaten song. Hempen is supported by ELA Container from Haren (Ems). From the offering of the specialist for mobile room systems, the artist chose an ELA exhibition container which is installed on a trailer for transportation between the exhibition venues.

“In the mobile gallery, the sculptures are set up in public squares where they are visible to everyone. Art comes to the people, one does not have to search for it. It doesn’t hide in the city, it is everywhere,” says Hempen. After starting in Lorup at the end of September, the Moorsoldaten are now on display on the Rathausvorplatz in Esterwegen for a month from November third. The travelling exhibition in the mobile ELA gallery is being presented over a total of two years. For more information about Stefan Hempen, his works and other exhibition dates, visit

From 3 November to 1 Dezember 2013, the “mobile gallery” can be seen on the Rathausvorplatz, Poststraße 13, 26897 Esterwegen.