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Optimum storage conditions in ELA room modules

With the coming of autumn, many companies are about to change the tyres on their fleet. Often the question arises where to properly store the summer tyres without taking up too much space.With especially equipped storage containers, ELA offers a straightforward and flexible solution for businesses and car companies.

In order to ensure that the tyres can be used next spring without any problems, cool and dry storage in a dark room away from grease and oil is highly recommended. Made of sturdy steel and equipped with a double swing door, the ELA room systems offer ideal conditions for effective storage. “ELA storage units keep tyres safe from the detrimental influences of light and moisture,” explains manager Günter Albers. ELA containers can be equipped with special theft protection by request. Other equipment options include an electrical installation, heating and galvanised tyre racks.

Even in the standard version, the ELA mobile storage units offer space for up to 200 tyres - enough to compensate for seasonal storage bottlenecks. “By using ELA tyre containers, car companies and businesses can use their fixed storage capacity as usual, even during the peak of the tyre changeover,” Albers says. “And if one container shouldn’t be enough: Our room solutions are flexible, available on demand and stackable.”