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ELA constructs 23 classrooms after a school fire in Wittmund

Space in schools is in short supply. This situation is aggravated when a fire destroys the school building, making it impossible to use the classrooms. Which is what happened in Wittmund.

Shortly before the summer holidays, those in charge at the Alexander-von-Humboldt school and the district of Wittmund faced the challenge of creating new classrooms for more than 550 students in a very short time. “We felt it was important to resume school operations on time,” says Uwe Brauns, headmaster of the cooperative comprehensive school. “After the tendering process was concluded and the bids evaluated, ELA Container was awarded the contract for supplying the modular school facility.” Now the 161 room modules are going to do their duty as a school building for up to two years on the former sports field. Up to four individual modules were combined into large-capacity units for this project. The ELA premium rental containers that were deployed provide total space of around 3,000 m². At three metres, the premium containers are half a metre wider than conventional containers. This offers potential for savings, for example in the number of room units rented as well as setup and transportation.

The room modules are kept in an inconspicuous pebble grey (RAL7032), while the inside is furnished with everything that makes a classroom a pleasant place to learn - tables, chairs, a desk for the teacher, receptacles and blackboards included. Theft and break-in protection keep the assets safe. School management is satisfied with the mobile replacement rooms. “Thanks to the wide banks of windows, the rooms are surprisingly bright and friendly. This is a good place for teaching,” says Uwe Brauns, summarising his first impression. Rigid foam insulation and integrated ventilation systems in the area of the windows ensure a pleasant and healthy atmosphere in the ELA classrooms. The modules are equipped with a modern heating system for the winter. Around 466 concrete foundations support the temporary school building.

In addition to classrooms, ELA supplied sanitary and corridor modules as well a teachers’ lounge and prepared three chemistry rooms. All room units meet the current fire protection guidelines and are equipped with various fire protection doors. “This project represented a special logistics challenge for us,” explains Construction Manager Karsten Klatte. “While setting up a room system of this magnitude normally takes four weeks, were were able to do it in nine working days.” With a pool of 20,000 room units, qualified employees and a dense distribution network, ELA is flexible in responding to the requirements for customer orders - and even to help an entire school in an emergency.