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Andreas Marquardt and Gitta Connemann visit ELA

ELA Container is known for technical solutions developed in-house. This not only applies to the mobile room systems but, among other things, also to the locking system of the containers on the ELA’s own trucks.This had led to a higher than average number of checks on the motorways and in some cases also to additional load securing requirements.

In order to resolve this situation, Andreas Marquardt as the President of the Federal Office for Freight Transportation (BAG) visited the container specialist from Ems by invitation of MdB Gitta Connemann. “We were able to quickly resolve the misunderstanding in conversation,” says ELA manager Tim Albers. “Our fastening systems are flawless.” Additional load securing with tension belts, which BAG inspectors demanded at times, is not necessary. “Talking to each other helps a great deal,” is how BAG President Marquardt sums up the results of the meeting. The talks fostered mutual understanding.

ELA Container operates a fleet with 50 of its own trucks, which travel the motorways across Europe with ELA room systems.