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ELA supports flood victims

The flood wave has passed and media reporting is ebbing away. But the people in the German flood regions still require help. ELA Container is supporting the clean-up effort and renovation work, among other things by providing storage containers.

The ELA Rental Centre in Frankenberg through the German flood relief has now delivered six mobile room units to the city of Zahna-Elster on the Elbe river. Here the storage rooms will be available for four months initially. “Among other things, we are going to use them to store the furnishings from the kindergarten until it has been renovated,” says Petra Richter, responsible among other things for flood protection in the city of Zahna-Elster. Donations in kind are also being safely stored in the ELA storage rooms until they are put to use. “ELA Container offered us fast and unbureaucratic help,” says Lothar Gräfe of the German flood relief agency. The ELA systems are part of the complex organisation to support the flood victims, also in Zahna-Elster.