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Industry solution

With over 40 years of experience, ELA is your partner in planning mobile rooms for many different industries. ELA containers are suitable for any purpose and fully customisable. We work with you to plan the correct equipment version down to the details – for use as a kindergarten, office complex, treatment room or entirely individual project. Whether you want to rent or buy – ELA finds a solution to meet your specific needs.

Change rooms/common rooms

Functional change rooms and common rooms facilitate a smooth workday, allow for relaxed breaks and make closing time easier for workers.

Office/conference room

With ELA containers, employee productivity is seamlessly maintained while office buildings are renovated, expanded or constructed.

Sleeping quarters

For short deployments or as long-term hotel units – ELA containers support layouts of any size with flexible furnishings.

Dining rooms

More and more companies and educational institutions are deploying temporary kitchens and catering facilities.

Reception buildings

An ELA system as a reception building combines plant safety and security on the plant premises with a friendly reception for suppliers and guests.

Banks/savings banks

While the bank branch is being renovated, banking operations continue on site: With the ELA container system, we provide complete, accessible and secure room solutions when needed.


When schools are renovated, ELA containers as replacement buildings are quickly ready for occupancy. ELA has already constructed more than 150 temporary school buildings.


New construction or conversion – mobile ELA kindergartens and day-care centres suitable for children are ready for occupancy on site within a few days and offer a feel-good atmosphere for young and old.

Treatment rooms

During the conversion of doctor’s practices and hospitals, patient treatment can continue seamlessly in mobile rooms from ELA.

Information booths

With individually designed ELA containers, one can effectively gain attention at trade fairs, road shows or on-site events, even with short-term deployment.


ELA containers serve as functional, secure showrooms with excellent insulation, ready for use immediately – by request including display racks, sanitary facilities and a communication package.