ELA container as a coronavirus testing centre

Separate treatment rooms for suspected cases of COVID-19
ELA Container coronavirus testing centre

Do you need more space to test patients for coronavirus? Then get in touch with us. On request, ELA Container can provide you with mobile container systems where you can test members of the public for coronavirus. We have already set up some coronavirus testing centres in our home region and are offering our containers to all authorities and health institutions. They can be set up anywhere both quickly and flexibly.

Separate staff entrance
Contactless switching on of light by motion detector
Personnel airlock
Ready for immediate use & fast delivery
Can be placed anywhere
Innenansicht ausgestatteter Besprechungsraum Gesundheitswesen
ELA container rooms for confidential discussions

The consultation rooms in a medical practice must guarantee protection and confidentiality; the patient and physician cannot have an open, honest discussion otherwise. An inviting ambiance in the consultation rooms of mobile medical practices is therefore of great importance to ELA Container.

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Container Testzentrum
ELA container as a coronavirus testing centre

Based on our experience so far supplying coronavirus testing centres, we suggest a container system consisting of two ELA premium containers. You will have access to all of the functional amenities you need on a total area of 36 m², from a wide range of function rooms to hygiene fittings such as toilets and sinks to full air conditioning.

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Grundriss Corona Testzentrum ELA Container
Practical testing centre floor plan

The floor plan of the container system has been designed to be both functional and practical. The container system houses three rooms in total. The examination room has an additional entrance and exit through extra doors, each one with a porch. A work room for the specialists is adjacent to the examination room and is separated from it by a door. Patients must register at an external desk before they are tested. All of the rooms can be accessed independently from one another.

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