Separate treatment rooms for COVID-19 vaccination centres

Rent an ELA Container vaccination centre quickly and easily

In the fight against corona, vaccination rooms are essential to protecting the wider population from the COVID-19 virus. ELA Container has developed a quick room solution in the form of a mobile vaccination centre which fulfils requirements. Unlike stadiums and restaurants, ELA container systems can be specially tailored to meet a local authority’s unique requirements. They can be set up anywhere quickly and flexibly, whether in car parks or near public transport stations. Take advantage of ELA’s experience in the health sector and request your personalised quotation now.

The room concept supports measures to protect against infection
Accessibility throughout the entire vaccination centre
Quick delivery and setup at any location
Can be flexibly combined
Suitable fittings and a wide range of accessories

Room planning accommodates individual stations

ELA optimally tailors room division within the container system to the work processes of a vaccination centre. The individual stations inside the mobile ELA vaccination centre are clearly structured in terms of space and can easily be adapted during operations. The ELA concept accommodates a whole host of areas, including sign-in and registration spaces, sanitary and treatment areas, secured storage and treatment rooms. Sufficient space is provided throughout all the rooms and corridors to ensure protection against infection. ELA vaccination centres are equipped with Internet connections for immediate use.

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Vaccination consultation in a confidential atmosphere

The vaccination consultation is an important step on the path to corona vaccination. A consultation like this requires a protected, confidential environment. ELA consultation rooms are ideal for situations like these: large windows let natural light in, whilst privacy film prevents people outside looking in. The complex layout of the container walls, which are made from insulated sandwich panels, ensure both a pleasant temperature and privacy for consultations.

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Corona vaccination in a private atmosphere

The ELA room concept for corona vaccination centres features separate treatment rooms for vaccination. Alternatively, one larger room can be divided into several sections, ensuring privacy for patients who may need to remove articles of clothing. The number of vaccination stations in an ELA container system is variable and can be specially tailored to the local authority’s requirements. The container-based treatment rooms can be set up with a great deal of flexibility and cleaned with ease.

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Waiting area for vaccinated patients

The waiting area at vaccination centres enables observation of vaccinated persons. ELA Container can position the waiting area in direct proximity to either the treatment room or the first-aid room, as required by the customer, and provide chairs and loungers. From planning to installation, ELA takes all the steps necessary to provide the customer with a turnkey mobile vaccination centre as soon as possible. If you have any further questions, the ELA team can help you on the service hotline.

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Sufficient sanitary areas

Maintaining distance and washing hands are a top priority when it comes to the corona crisis. Sufficient sanitary areas are therefore an indispensable part of a COVID-19 vaccination centre. ELA Container offers sanitary containers in different sizes and equipment options – with toilets, urinals and sinks with mirror or entire shower cubicles. ELA sanitary containers can be set up just about anywhere and flexibly integrated into systems. Optional wastewater tanks and hot water tanks also enable autonomous operation of the ELA sanitary modules.

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Rapid first aid for emergencies

Emergency situations can even occur at a corona vaccination centre, which is why it’s so important to think about suitable spaces for providing patients with first aid during the planning phase – optimally at a location near the treatment rooms or waiting areas. ELA first-aid containers can be easily and flexibly integrated into the mobile vaccination centre as a standard container or premium module. The sanitary containers come standard with the most important equipment for responding to emergencies, including a lockable medicine cabinet, a litter, an examination table and privacy windows with roller shutters.

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Sufficient space to ensure protection against infection

Distance can only be maintained if there is sufficient space in functional rooms and corridors. Space can be structured more efficiently and cost-effectively in ELA premium containers than in standard container rooms. The extra-wide ELA premium modules have three square metres more space, a wide range of furnishing and fitting options, and a better ambiance, and even offer potential savings of up to 25 per cent. ELA also offers container corridor systems which can efficiently connect individual room containers with each other and thus ensure optimal use of space at the vaccination centre.

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Corona vaccination centre accessibility

Accessibility is an important requirement for a corona vaccination centre made of containers. ELA can deliver individual container systems to any location and install them with access tailored to the environment. Entry ramps allow people with limited mobility to easily enter and exit the vaccination centre without any obstacles. The interior design accommodates increased space requirements.

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Separate entrances and exits

To avoid contact, the spaces of the ELA container system are structured in accordance with a vaccination centre flow chart, a key aspect of which is planning separate entrances and exits. ELA containers can be flexibly combined, allowing the entrance and exit to be positioned just about anywhere and with the largest distance possible between them. Entrances and exits can be equipped with an entry ramp for accessibility as well as a protective awning. If desired, lockable double swing doors can also feature safety glass to ensure transparency and maximum safety.

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Rent the fully equipped, turnkey vaccination centre

ELA Container can deliver the mobile vaccination centre to any location and, if desired, fully equip it for immediate use. ELA has an extensive range of furniture at its disposal, including standard pieces such as tables, chairs, cupboards and kitchen elements. ELA modular spaces are equipped with plug sockets, LED lights, connections for IT and Internet, smoke detectors and other safety-relevant features. ELA also offers attractive accessories in the form of acoustic panels and whiteboards.

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Reliable security measures to prevent break-in and theft

The corona vaccine is extremely valuable, which is why it’s so important to sufficiently protect the COVID-19 vaccination centre and storage from break-in and theft. ELA Container is well acquainted with high security requirements as a result of past projects with mobile bank containers. Optional security equipment such as sturdy window grates and heavy door bolts can be provided. Reinforced floor panels and a sneak-by guard further increase protection against break-in and theft.

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Transponders ensure access to the vaccine

Important rooms at the vaccination centre should remained locked and only be accessible to authorised persons. This includes vaccine storage in particular. On request, ELA can install electronic locks which are controlled with a transponder, to minimise contact when accessing rooms as well as maximise security. With a transponder, users can be authorised to use the electronic lock or blocked, and interaction with door locks can be monitored externally.

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Practical vaccination centre floor plan

The floor plan of the container system has been designed to be both functional and practical. Patients must register at a designated desk before they can be vaccinated. All of the rooms can be accessed independently from one another. The individual rooms in a container system can be connected easily with an internal corridor system. This saves space and makes it possible to move between rooms in comfort, whilst observing hygiene regulations.

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