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Wed, 06 May 2020

Four-storey container facility with plenty of space

Sometimes space is simply limited. Large cities have been solving this problem for more than 100 years by building at height. A measure that also has a great future for container construction. Because especially in conurbations, floor space is becoming increasingly valuable. But even on supposedly spacious company premises, space is often scarce. Every square metre needs to be optimally used for storage space, turning circles or the like.

Thu, 19 March 2020

ELA Container test center

Do you need additional space to test patients for coronavirus? On request, ELA Container will provide you with mobile container facilities, e.g. to test the population for infection with the virus. We have already set up a number of "corona test centres" in our home region, and offer our containers to all authorities and health facilities. They can be set up quickly, flexibly and at any location. Based on our previous experience in the delivery of corona test centres, we propose a container system consisting of two ELA premium containers. On a total of 36m², you will receive all the functional conditions you need: From various functional rooms, to hygiene facilities such as WC and washbasins, to complete air conditioning. The floor plan of the container facility is functionally and practically well thought out. Thus, a total of three rooms find their place in the facility. The examination room can be entered and left through specially installed doors. A study for the specialist staff adjoins the examination room and is separated from it by a door. Before the patients are tested, they must register at an external switch. All rooms can be entered independently. Please contact us for further information. We will be happy to advise you and submit an individual offer.

Mon, 09 March 2020

Mobile rooms for the railway

The Deutsche Bahn is investing in its infrastructure: in 2020 with a record investment of more than 12 billion euros. 1,800 kilometers of track and more than 1,900 switches will be renewed. In addition, over 800 stations will be modernized. The station building of the Bentheimer Eisenbahn in Nordhorn will also be rebuilt as part of the modernization measures. For the period of the transition, the control center needed a transition building.

Thu, 05 March 2020

Mobile rooms against lack of space in schools

How do you accommodate seven whole school classes in a very short time if there are no rooms available? This was the challenge that a school in Lohne (Germany) had to face. Renovation work on older parts of the building was necessary. At the same time, the work was not to disturb the lessons.

Mon, 24 February 2020

Building specialist relies on containers

Not only ELA Container has grown strongly in recent years. Other companies in the region are also recording strong growth. For example, the construction specialist Mainka, a family business with a 125-year tradition. In the last 20 years, the team has more than doubled from just under 250 to more than 600 employees.